Career Development and Relaunch

Find clarity. Align Values. Take action.

Do What you Love. Love What you Do.

  • Are you at an inflection point and ready to hit the pause button, reflect and figure out what you want?
  • Want to align your work with your values and passions?
  • Not taking action because of fear and limiting assumptions?
  • Feeling stuck and don’t know where to start?
  • Ready to stop letting your career “happen to you” and take charge of what’s next?
  • Want to develop better relationships and build sponsors and advocates at work?


Your Path, Relaunched

We know that your work is more than just a job. When you don’t feel engaged, valued, or fully authentic at work, that can have a ripple effect in how you show up in other parts of your life. It can affect your self esteem, your identity. Our coaching gets to the root of these issues and helps you peel back the layers to understand yourself more fully. Our clients range from mid-career professionals and executives on the cusp of change to parents looking to re-enter the workforce. But here’s what our clients have in common: they’re all smart, motivated people who want to invest in self growth to find clarity and take action. Our unique, hybrid approach of coaching and thought partnership allows you to take a pause, reflect on what you want for yourself and launch your new path.

“I believe you can find work that you love, work that means more than a paycheck (and yet still supplies one), and work that allows you to show up authentically and live your values. The “ladder” as a career metaphor is no longer relevant – there are twists, turns, and sometimes pauses. There is no time like the present to relaunch your path!”

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The Path Relaunch Roadmap

Navigating change is confusing and stressful. You need guidance, support and structure. From in-depth values exploration to actionable personal marketing and job search strategies, we will partner with you to move from confusion to clarity as we explore your new path. Whle we believe structure is important, by no means is our approach linear or cookie cutter. Rather, we believe an iterative process of testing and exploration is most effective.  We meet you where you are, and tailor our coaching approach to your individual needs and situation.


Survey: Our partnership begins with an assessment of your vision, values, skills and priorities. Using our unique, in-depth Pre-Coaching Survey coupled with our proprietary Values & Priorities Matrix, we work together to identify the elements that will be most significant for a successful career path for you.

Vision & Evaluate: We take stock of where you’ve been – we help you mine your past experiences to locate the gems that will appeal to future employers and also brainstorm how your skills might translate in ways you might not previously have imagined. We also help you get very specific and concrete about your career vision so you can start creating a map of the areas you want to explore that will align with that vision.



Networking & Relationship Building: We know that networking — not job boards — is where most jobs are found. Talking to and learning from others is also the best way to explore new industries and roles and to reflect on wether or not these would be areas of interest for you. You’ll tap into your natural curiosity ot make and leverage connections and build advocates. We’ll prepare you for informational interviews so they feel natural and fun, and not like “schmoozing.”

Experiment: We believe in an iterative process that includes experimentation – sometimes, the best way to determine if a particular career is a good fit is to find a way to try it out whether through volunteering, freelance opportunities, or internships.


Tell Your Story: We’ll help you develop your brand and communicate your story in a concise elevator pitch. You’ll learn how to create a targeted resumé and cover letter that highlight your relevant skills for every opportunity, and we’ll show you how to broadcast your unique value proposition with a powerful LinkedIn profile.

Nail the Interview: In order to land a job in today’s competitive marketplace, you need to know what the employers are looking for. We provide you with the tools you need to make a memorable impression and highlight why you’re the best fit for the job. Drawing on Jennifer’s own experience as an ace interviewer as well as years of coaching hundreds of MBA students vying for some of the most competitive jobs, interview preparation is a Path Relaunch specialty. Please visit our Interview Coaching page to learn more>


Negotiations: We’ll teach you how to evaluate different offers, assess whether they align with your priorities and goals, counter effectively to a formal offer of salary and benefits and more.

On-the-Job Success Coaching: Whether you’re new to the job or striving for the next promotion, we’ll help you be 100% effective. Together, we will evaluate your job description and performance evaluations and develop an action plan so you can make an impact and add value. We also support you in developing strategies to build your network internally so you can build advocates and sponsors.

Creating your Own Work: If self employment and entrepreneurship calls, we will work with you to bring clarity and structure to your idea, devise a plan, brainstorm and start exploration. With Jennifer’s years of business experience, you’ll not only get a business advisor, but a thought partner and mentor.

Benefits of working with Path Relaunch

Coaching is one of the most effective and efficient ways to navigate the ambiguity and confusion of change and to accelerate your progress. We know, because we have all experienced many career pivots and have each received coaching along the way, helping us not only gain the clarity and courage to make big changes, but also to avoid missteps and mistakes. With us you’ll get a coach, mentor, strategist, thought partner, advisor, teacher, and accountability partner. Here are just some of the unique benefits of working with Path Relaunch:

  • Hybrid approach of coaching and thought partnership:  We work with you on two levels at once: coaching and thought partnership. As trained coaches, we listen without judgement and come from a place of curiosity and care to help you clarify your values and “get unstuck,” helping you gain insights into any beliefs or perspectives that may be standing in your way. We help you tune into what you want for yourself (vs. what others may expect of you).  On the thought partnership side, you’ll receive high-impact, expert job search strategies and skill development that produce real-world results. We also bring our collective business and leadership experiences to our sessions and provide an external perspective. Combining the “get unstuck” aspects of coaching with the tangible and practical side of thought partnering is a powerful combination that will move you to clarity and action most powerfully.
  • An Accountability Partner: We all get more done when we are accountable to someone. The dynamic of the coaching partnership encourages accountability – you’ll move faster and more effectively with a coach to help you stick to your goals. After each session, your coach will give you homework and action items so you stay focused and on track.
  • Emotional Benefits: We often hear our clients tell us how “light” they feel after a coaching session — how motiated, energized and clear they feel. No longer will you have that sense of doubt and confusion that lingers when you are paralyzed by inaction and fear. You will also have a much stronger sense of yourself and what you need and want for yourself – not what other’s want, or what you once thought you “should” be doing. Coaching will also offer you a greater self awareness of certain mindsets or belief systems that may have been hampering your ability to move forward.
  • Access to guides, templates, and exercises developed by Jennifer:  You’ll receive access to a Path Relaunch Career Resources Library containing highly effective materials developed from Jennifer’s extensive experience coaching and teaching job search strategies  to hundreds of MBA students and seasoned business professionals across a diverse array of industries.
  • Email access and MP3 recordings: Audio recordings of phone meetings (if meeting by phone) will enable you to refer back to our sessions and move toward your goals more effectively. You will also get access to your coach via email in between sessions for urgent questions, aha moments, and any updates you want to share.

I hired Jenn as my career coach to guide me on all aspects of my career transition. I am amazed with what I achieved within just a few weeks of working with her. I have worked with a number of coaches and advisors over the past decade and can say that Jenn is in my top 2%. She helped me better understand the job market, shape my personal/professional story and prepare for rigorous interviews. Jenn’s ability to listen really takes her to the heart of her client’s needs, strengths and areas of opportunity. Working with her definitely gives me an advantage over my competition when it comes to positioning myself in the marketplace and arms me with the confidence I need to reach my professional goals.

Emilie Rosenvallon

Director of Marketing, Fun Factory

Jenn was just what I needed – a blend of encouragement, introspection, positivity and the voice of reason during a critical juncture in my career. She pushed me to revisit some of my most challenging experiences, helped me get to the core of what was difficult, and we co-created concrete strategies for how to handle those situations in the future (for example, shifting certain mindsets and perspectives that were getting in my way). This type of conversation seems simple, but it bends the trajectory of a career towards success. Jenn also helped me hone in on what really matters to me and hold out for the perfect role. Not only did I secure my dream job in the course of our time together, but I also have the wherewithal and the confidence to shape my future. So grateful!

Ajoy Vase

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative