Hear from Some of These Happy Clients

Management Consulting Candidate

When you reach a certain level in your career, it is easy to assume that you don’t need much help to get to that next step or make a transition. That could be true, unless you get the type of expert advice and coaching that I got from Jenn Bevan. Jenn prepared me for conversations and interviews during which I had to tell my story and convince people that consulting was the right career path for me. She focused on helping me craft stories that highlighted my leadership and analytical skills, tailoring my pitch for each firm while also showing the impact I had in each of the projects I worked on. Jenn knows what these firms are looking for due to her years of professional experience in management consulting. With her coaching, I received offers at three top tier consulting firms and found my dream job.

Alisa Sommer

Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting

Career Switcher and Brand Management Candidate

As a former consultant with no marketing background, Jenn was the key to my success in landing not one but two highly competitive job offers in brand management. From helping me transform my resume, to giving advice across all aspects of the job search, Jenn’s guidance and partnership was a constant part of my process. When I was invited to interviews, I met with her multiple times a week to do mock interviews. The direct and constructive feedback that Jenn gave me helped me improve with each meeting. She didn’t just ask me cookie cutter interview questions, but would push me to demonstrate my marketing skills and insights in every answer. I highly recommend Jenn — throughout the process, I could tell she genuinely cared about me and wanted me to succeed!

Raman Morris

Associate Brand Manager, General Mills

Jenn and I collaborated together in Spring 2014 and co-coached MBA students. Jenn was a delight to work with and I experienced first-hand her ability to collaborate easily, connect and engage with clients, and quickly identify issues and structure an actionable plan to address the issues. Students left the meetings engaged and empowered to take the right steps to move forward in their goals. I highly recommend her as a coach.

Sara Tucker

Director, Coaching and Team Skills Program, UCLA Anderson School of Management

I found Jenn during a time when I felt extremely lost and uncertain about my career path.  I knew I wasn’t happy where I was, but I felt paralyzed with uncertainty about the best way to proceed. Jenn helped me achieve such clarity about what was important to me and what I truly valued in a career.  What was most impressive is that she didn’t tell me anything- instead she facilitated my thought process to reach these conclusions on my own. This is the mark of a terrific coach!

She was extremely skilled and perceptive at reading between the lines and understanding the nuances behind what I was saying.  And she takes it to the next level by translating everything into actionable steps. I distinctly remember in one of our meetings I was feeling especially stuck but couldn’t articulate it. She was perceptive enough to identify the key issue holding me back (a real “ah ha” moment for me) which allowed us to put together a plan for me to address it. Working with Jenn has saved me months of inaction and wheel-spinning!

Mallory Barnes

Principal, Aspire Public Schools

Career Exploration

Not only is Jenn brilliant, professional, and just plain cool, but she has an incredible ability to quickly assess clients and relate to them well very shortly into the first meeting. I had spent numerous hours and dollars on other career coaches, and Jenn quickly set herself apart. With a balance of keen intuition and intelligent questions, She was able to understand my challenges, help me step back, and figure out what I want five years down the line. We were then able to plot a logical and reasonable course to get there, providing a balance between present expectations and future hopes. In very certain terms: Jenn has been one of the few people in the world who has been able to get through to me. I would recommend her to anyone.

Nick Gold

Founder, Managing Partner, Silo Trading

Brand Management Candidate

Working with Jenn has been a wonderful experience. She helped me rephrase my behavioral interview answers in a more succinct effective way, while retaining the essence of who I am. With case questions, she was able to give a logical structure to my answers while also help me talk more like a marketer and show my consumer insights, which really paid off in interviews. She also helped me prepare for unexpected questions, by doing multiple mock interviews. Because of her expert help and support throughout the application and interview process, I received an offer from my dream job. I would highly recommend Jenn to everyone!

Breanna Bey

Associate Brand Manager, Mattel Inc.

International Student Conducting a U.S. Job Search

Jenn is one of the most talented career advisors I have ever worked with. Her passion for her work and her care for her clients shines through with each interaction. As an international student, industry switcher, and someone who wanted to explore a career path in the US, I had a lot of work to do to convince employers that I was the right candidate for the job. While most people kept telling me it would be extremely difficult to land a marketing job in the U.S., Jenn always believed in me and pushed me to reach my goals. With Jenn’s guidance in helping me with networking, communications, and general marketing interview skills, I was able to land a coveted job in brand management in the US! She was also great at motivating me to get things done at the highest level. I would be happy to be contacted to share more of Jenn’s amazing work!

Ji Yeon Kim

Associate Brand Manager, Bolthouse Farms

Mom Relaunch

A friend of mine recommended Jennifer when I was beginning a job search after having spent several years at home tending to my family, and I’m so glad she did. Transitioning back to work after being a stay-at-home mom was daunting, and I was looking for a career coach who could relate to that experience and who also could provide the real-world business and job search expertise that would be required in the competitive job market. Jennifer fit the bill perfectly – as an MBA, a career coach at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, and a mom, she has amazing empathy for specific the back-to-work fears faced by moms, and she also delivers the goods in terms of sophisticated strategies that will land you the job. Jennifer’s services were an excellent investment for me in my job search, and I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking for a career coach!

Wendy Witherspoon

Principal, Wendy Witherspoon Communications


I began working with Jenn when I was ready to begin reimagining my bodywork practice after first launching it ten years ago. I came to her looking for clarity around how I could organize my business, find balance with the time I want to be with my children and envision my evolution. Jenn completely meets me where I am and is so relatable. Our sessions are always incredibly productive and endlessly fun. She listens with curiosity, takes in every brainstorm I throw her way and zeros in on the most relevant point.  Her succinct, direct and loving suggestions have guided me to clarify my direction and sharpen my message. I am so deeply grateful for my work with Jenn and recommend her highly to any woman!

Jenny Grouf

Founder, Center Herself