Relaunch Roadmap:
8 Steps to A Career You Love


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Maybe you’re ready to switch careers and do something completely different. Or perhaps you’ve taken some time away from the workforce and are starting to contemplate “what’s next?” You may feel confused about how to start and are wondering how to figure out what you really want to do and what aligns best with your skills and interests. I’m here to help!

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I’ll walk through the 8 steps of my Roadmap, which I developed based on over 2,000 hours coaching professionals through career transitions, combined with my personal experience successfully navigating several major career transitions of my own. From MBA students, to Moms re-entering the workforce, to executives looking to shift gears, my clients have found the contents of this Roadmap to be critical in their own successful relaunches. And the best part is, you’ll receive these exclusive and effective tools for free!

A Preview of the 8 Steps to a Career You Love:

  • Identifying your values and vision to help pinpoint what makes you “you”
  • Exploration and experimentation of new career paths
  • Identifying your skills, accomplishments, and gaps in your experience that you want to fill
  • Networking and creating connections (including examples of effective networking pitches)
  • Building and maintaining your confidence as you navigate change and uncertainty

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